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A great PDF Utility – A-PDF Page Cut

Recently I came across a great PDF utility named as A-PDF Page Cut.

Till recently I came across this, usually when I scan a book wide apart, I have to scan the pages in JPG format, split individual pages in to half by cropping them, then renaming them as per its page number and then I had to combine the file in a PDF join utility! Everything manually! It took me hours to do such a single job. But I thought, somebody might have a solution to this, as this seem to be a very common problem! I searched the internet! and voila, it was really there, just waiting for me to download an install!

The A-PDF Page Cut is an very intelligent utility, letting us cut the PDF vertically or horizontally as we need. We just need to open the PDF, tell the program Horizontal or Vertical cut, and then on a single click, it would cut all the pages vertically and recombine as per our need, one after another! And that too in seconds!

What else we need?

Actually, since long I needed such an utility. And I think many of you would too needed this!

Download this utility from this page:

And yes, though it is not free, you can go with it if you don’t mind having a banner on top of the first page in the final PDF file.

And the site is having many such another PDF utilities!

Just Go For It!

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